RIPTIDE wicked good dance music from maine

Formed on a rundown sidestreet in Portland, Maine, the men of RIPTIDE have spent the past few years roaming the United States searching for barbecue ribs and bothering dance communities with strange chords and hollering.

Featuring dance favorite Glen Loper on the mandolin, Irish-style fiddle player Alden Robinson, and Owen Marshall, Notary Public, on guitar, RIPTIDE plays vivid, imaginative music that has been thrilling dancers throughout America.

The Band

  • Alden

    Alden Robinson learned the fiddle as a child in coastal Maine. He grew up and moved West (by about an hour) to Portland, where he started hanging out with Glen and Owen. It was all downhill from there. Besides RIPTIDE, he appears onstage with numerous other dance bands. He also plays Irish tunes with Owen in The Press Gang.

  • Glen

    Some say he is a deep cover scientist researching mind-control for the CIA. Some say a shaman from the Canadian tundra. We just don't know. But time and again, Glen Loper has revealed his secret power to make dancers go absolutely nuts, using nothing more than his mandolin, his foot-stomping, and his hair. When he isn't playing dances, Glen uses his mandolin to corrupt the minds of children and interested adults.

  • Owen

    Born on a mountainside in northern Vermont, Owen initially took up the guitar as a weapon to fend off wolves. However, his talent quickly made him one of the hottest rhythm players on the dance scene. When he isn't grooving with RIPTIDE, Owen plays with the likes of Rodney Miller, The Sevens, and Ari and Mia Friedman. He and Alden also play Irish tunes together in The Press Gang.

The Dances

Hitch up your skirts and get ready to dance to Riptide at the following venues:

Fond Memories

Playing with Mark "Pokey" Hellenberg at Echo Summit, 2015